Quality comparison

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We are proud to be one of the few merchantsthat specializes in providing high qualityproducts. While many other merchants focus onselling mid-range or cheap products to ensurehigher sales, it is true that cheaper productstend to attract more sales in the short term, infact, profits from selling high-quality productsare even lower than those from selling mid- tolow-priced products.

Our business philosophy sets us apart as we aimto build long-term relationships with ourcustomers. We don't want to be driven by thedesire to make money quickly. Instead, weprefer to handle fewer orders and provideexcellent service to every customer whodemands high-quality products.

Next,l will take the LV Trainer shoe as an example to explain to you some detailsthat you usually don't know.

1: First of all, this is a very obvious place. Mostpeople know that the LV logo on the heel of theshoe has nothing to say. The right one made a very obvious mistake.

2: Shoe toe, the right one has a very obviousmistake, most people know it.

3: Relatively few people know about the tongue ofthe shoe, Only buying genuine products like us andthen replicating them perfectly in every detail canachieve this effect.

4: This part of the shoe tongue is difficult toachieve even for peers like us who sell high-qualityproducts, We call this process "glue-less craft",which means that no glue is used and the seamsare directly stitched, which reduces the odor of theglue and at the same time lt also increases theservice life of the shoes, and the beauty of theshoes will not be affected by the glue. As far as lknow, the authentic products are also using thesame process. The function of the glue is to fix theshoes to ensure that the angle of the stitching isaccurate. Use "glue" -less craft" lost the fixation ofthe glue, which was a great challenge to the skillsof the shoemakers in our factory, but the result isobvious and we succeeded.

5: The bottom of the shoe, this is an uncommonpart and obviously the shoe on the right waspoorly made to save costs.

6: The tongue part of the shoe needs to ensurethat the "two flowers" of lV are on both sides ofthe LV shoe logo. Materials like this are purchasedin one piece, and the patterns are evenlydistributed, To achieve this effect, a lot of materialwill be wasted. In order to ensure "two flowers",many other patterns need to be cut out, This is whymany medium-quality And low quality shoes can't do that.

7: This is another detail that only shoe merchants who pursue quality will notice. in fact, we cancompletely ignore it because no one will notice this place.

We do it, Because, Our pursuit is quality.

8: As for the LV pattern, l also asked LV officialcustomer service about this issue. The answer theygave me was that every pair of shoes cannot be exactly the same, but in fact I have never seen acircular LV pattern appear on shoes

9: Of course, the part under the insole has thesame pattern and stitching details as the original

10: This place reflects the craftsmen's pursuit of craftsmanship, The same is true for stitching. The reason why the shoes on the right are so poorly made is that they only need to be made "like" and then attract you to buy them at a low price.

11: As for the overall sole, yes they are very "like".

but what we pursue is not just "like".

12: For the pattern here, we need to take onemore step when making the insoles and open anextra shoe mold. The cost increases a lot, and westrive to make it consistent with the original product. And on the right, wow, it's all in one piece, withsome white paint...